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ABS Sheets (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is the widely used engineering thermo- plastic and is formed by the polymerization of styrene and acrylonitrile on to thermoplastic rubber which is then melt compounded with styrene acrtylonitrile. The combination of the copolymers gives ABS excellent surface appearance, stronger, stiffer and tougher than high impact polystyrene and is also superior to it in its resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.


High rigidity and impact strength
Excellent electrical properties, moisture and creep resistance
Good chemical and stress cracking resistance against inorganic salt solutions, alkalies and many acids (except strong oxidizing acids)
Easily machinable to close tolerances, tough & dimensionally stable
Easily electroplated
Excellent scratch resistance
Excellent weathering resistance
Good wear and abrasion resistance
Good thermoforming & printability
Automotive interior and exterior
Aircraft interior trims
Laboratory equipment
Luggage, Office accessories, Toys
Machine parts and rollers
SHEET KBK® ABS Thicker PMMA layer
Bath tubs
Hand basins
Shower trays
HEET KBK® ABS Standard PMMA layer
Shower trays
Shower walls
Panels for bath tubs
Hand basins
Steam cabins
Ski boxes with high demands in respect of colour fastness
Heavy goods vehicle parts, such as spoilers, coverings, pick-ups
Caravan parts
Equipment for playgrounds
Parts of agricultural machines (tractor roofs, motor coverings, mud-guards).
Sports equipment
Toy industry
Inner liner for vehicles
Housing for electronic equipment
Refrigerator inner door liners
Sports equipment (indoor)
These special mono- and multilayer sheets have been developed to justify the high demands in respect of design, technology and optical value.
KBK® sheets offer an optimum synthesis resulting from required mechanical properties such as impact resistance and rigidity and also excellent surface quality.
Graphic Arts - Files, cases, binders, advertising, displays, labels, luxury overpackaging for - Stationery
- Printing
- Boxing
- Promotion; POS
Packaging - Lids, containers, cups, blisters, trays, boxes and displays for - Food
- Medical
- General Packaging
- Cosmetic Packaging
Construction and Industrial - Trays, covers, cladding and tanks for - Materials Handling
- Chemical Storage
- Wall Protection and Cladding
- Cooling Systems and Cold Rooms
Household & Leisure - Panels, trays, liners and facings for - Sanitary Ware
- Caravans & Boats
- Furniture & White Goods
- Doors
- Outdoor Leisure Equipment
Transport - Interior trim, cladding, window surrounds and headlining for - Industrial and Agricultural Vehicles
- Mass Transit Vehicles
- Luxury Automotives
- Aircraft interior
exterior body panels
interior cabin trims
wheel arch liners
mud guards
under body and bonnet components
Boot liners
Window surrounds
Over head components
Exterior panelling
Driving area and surrounds
Examples for application:
non–slipping inlays, coverings, transportation trays
Examples for application:
transportation trays,
Examples for application:
suitcases, automotive interior parts
Examples for application:
automotive exterior and interior parts
Examples for application:
transportation trays
Examples for application:
transportation trays, coverings
Examples for application:
caravan exterior parts, roof boxes
Examples for application:
caravan exterior parts, exterior parts of utility vehicles, lawn-mower covers
Sheets of impact resistant or high impact resistant ABS with a top layer of semi-gloss or matt PMMA.
Examples for application:
KBK® PMMA/ABS with increased heat resistance
Sheets of ABS with increased heat resistance with a top layer of high-gloss or matt PMMA.
Examples for application:
doors, special roof covers
1000 2000 0.5 mm to 8.0 mm
1220 2440 0.5 mm to 8.0 mm
1500 3000 0.5 mm to 8.0 mm
*Special sizes and thickness are available on demand.
KBK ABS Embossed Glossy Automotive interiors
KBK ABS Embossed Matt Automotive interiors and exteriors
KBK ABS/ASA Embossed & Plain Outdoor applications
KBK ABS ACRYLIC Embossed & Plain   Excellent scratch resistance and UV protection
KBK ASA Sheets   Attractive colour and outdoor applications
KBK ABS DUAL   Display and POP systems
KBK ABS FR UV   Fire retardant UV stablised
TECHNICAL DATA            
Property Test method Unit KBK ABS
Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 1.05
Molecular - Mil/mol -
Tensile strength ISO 527-1 Mpa 45
Breaking strength ISO 527-1 Mpa -
Elongation At Break ISO 527-1 % 10
Modulus of elasticity ISO 527-1 Mpa 2300
Imapact strength ISO 179
Kj/m2 NB
Imapact strength 15 ° V Notch
ISO 179 Kj/m2 14
Ball thrust hardness 30s ISO 2039.1 N/mm2 -
Shore Hardness D 15 s ISO 868 - 82
Wear Resistance Sand slurry - -
Vicat softening temp. VSP/b/50
ISO 306 °C 106
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