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It is more flexible than HDPE which makes it a good choice for prosthetic devices and can be vacuum formed and in thermoformed.

It is used in variety of application and industries where excellent impact even at low temperature, high tensile strength, moisture absorption, chemical and corrosion resistance properties are required.
Good chemical and corrosion resistance
Easy weldability & machinability
Good thermoforming
High Corrosion resistance
low moisture absorption
Good abrasion resistance
Electrical insulating propertries
High Strength
High percentage elongation at break
Usable at temp. of -50°C to + 85°C
No water absorption
Application :
Orthopoedic and Prosthetic Devices
light duty chain guides
Thermoforing & material handling devices
Water and chemical Storage tanks
Width Length   Thickness
1220 2000 0.5mm to 10mm Natural & Black
1000 2000 0.5mm to 15mm Natural & Black
1220   10,000 0.5mm to 3mm Rolls
1220   10,000 2.0mm to 5.0mm RHPGL Rolls
Welding Rods: 3mm dia to 5mm dia available in desired lengths.
Pressed Sheet:
Width Length Thickness
1230 2150 10mm to 100 mm
1230 4330 10mm to 100 mm
Special colours are available on request .
TECHNICAL DATA            
Property Test method Unit KBK HDPE Natural
Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 0.945
Molecular - Mil/mol >.25
Tensile strength ISO 527-1 Mpa 23
Breaking strength ISO 527-1 Mpa 36
Elongation At Break ISO 527-1 % >300
Modulus of elasticity ISO 527-1 Mpa 800
Imapact strength ISO 179
Kj/m2 NB
Imapact strength 15 ° V Notch
ISO 179 Kj/m2 >20
Ball thrust hardness 30s ISO 2039.1 N/mm2 40
Shore Hardness D 15 s ISO 868 - 63
Wear Resistance Sand slurry - 200-350
Vicat softening temp. VSP/b/50
ISO 306 °C 67
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