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Kaylon is partially csystalline polyamide and have to managed to gain a key position in engineering plastic through the combination of high strength the toughness even strength and high toughness even a low temperature. Polyamide has become a multi purpose plastic. It has the following outstanding properties.
Good toughness
High dynamic load bearing capacity
High strength and stiffness
Almost no tension crack formation
Good chemical resistance
Good Gas barrier properties
Higher temperature operating capacity
Good wear and abrasion resistance
Low internal stresses and good dimensional stability
Excellent abrasion resistance
Excellent Flexural strength
Very good operation without lubrication
Property Test method Unit Kaylon Kaylon oilon Kaylon moly Kaylon HS
Density ISO 1183:1987 g/cm3 1.14 1.15 1.14 1.14
Water Absorption ISO 62:1999 (modified) % 0.3 - 0.2 -
Tensile Strength ISO 527-1/2:1999 Mpa 80 75 85 80
E Modules ISO 527-1/2:1993 Mpa 4000 4000 4100 4000
Compressive strength ISO 604-2002 Mpa 95 95 105 95
Elongation at Break ISO 527-1/2:1993 % >20 >30 >20 >20
Flexural strength ISO 178:2001 Mpa 105 100 115 105
Izod Impact (notched) ISO 180-2000 Kj/m2 5.6 6 4.5 5.4
Hardness ( shore D) ISO 868:2003 - 84 83 85 84
Co-efficient of friction (Dynamic)
- - 0.39 0.15 0.25 0.15
Wear Rate - Mg/km 0.44 0.11 - -
Max. intermittent services Temp. - °C 170 170 170 180
Max. continuous 5000 hrs. °C 100 110 105 115
services Temp. IEC 60243-1: 1988-01 Kv/mm 25 25 25 25
Kaylon components can be used in many diverse application in industries including construction, oil and Gas, pharmaceuticals, food Processing, Railway, Mining, Water Treatment and automotives. Some of the products Are:
Gear, sprockets, wear pads for telescopic booms
House pulleys
Chute liners
Bearing, Bushes
Guide plates, chain guides
Wiper shields
Shaft support
Out rigger pad
Wear strips

Kaylon’s properties are useful for mining and construction industries
Exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion.
Light weight, typically 1/6 th of the weight of steel.
Self lubricating resulting in low maintenance cost.
Low co-efficient of friction
Life is 25 times the life of similar components in phosphor bronze
Corrosion and chemical resistance.
Kaylon’s Alloy for different application:
kaylon oilon
Low wear and abrasions resistance
Improved PV characteristics
Improved Co-efficient of friction
Reduced water absorption
Good dimensional stability
FDA Compliant
kaylon moly.
Improvement in wear property
Lower co-efficient of friction
Lower water asorption than kaylon
Kaylon’s crystalisation is improved by the addition of MOS2 which increase the ultimate stress value without impairing the toughness property and also enhances the higher impact strength and sliding property is also improved.
kaylon H.S.
Better performance at higher operating
Heat stabilized
Improved mechanical properties
Good dimensional stability as compared
to kaylon natural
Good PV and load bearing capacity
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